Fall 2016 Trunk Shows

Dear Clients & Friends,

Annette Gortz will be our featured designer at the next show! Tuesday April 5 and goes until Friday April 8

This season brings Structural Art into focus.

A common term in architecture and engineering. It refers to design by definition meets the highest standards for economy, efficiency and elegance.

Bring the concepts of economy and efficiency to the world of fashion is almost a contradiction of ideas but this is what also makes for an exciting challenge. The design is all about creating precisely the right essence from nonchalance and opulence and making use of resources so that they have the greatest effect from a technical point of view.

Environmental factors play a key role in design. Modular design, convertible elements with removable linings or coats with detachable sleeves offer the customer the flexibility to adapt. Casual forms and modest styles are accented with fur and leather. Embossed lambskin fused with the outer fabric in the indoor collection and coats with a blazer-style fit are the challenge for the upcoming winter.

As exciting is the term itself.
Structural Art.

Structures. Technical fabrics with interwoven threads, patters that are not simply printed on but are woven or knitted into the structure itself, attractively spun wools combined with engineered neoprene.

Art and architecture take shape in geometric jacquard weaves and themed knits, freer forms and colours come alive in collaboration with Larissa Spent.
Brush and canvas sculpt a motif interpreted on neoprene and denim.

Natural tones such as iced grey, concrete, ash and titanium form the basis of the collection and are complemented with shades of mustards and rusts.

All our best,
Ella and Carla

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